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April 27, 2021  

Sabin Aduriz - “Narcissism Today”.

In this text, the author states that in clinical work with patients, the narcissistic problem places the psychoanalyst's sensitivity in the foreground. He addresses a conceptualization of narcissism and the sexualization of the ego, following the postulations of André Green. Sabin Aduriz also develop how the narcissistic polarization of the instinctual drives affects the splitting of the currents of tenderness and sensuality, as well as in the role of the primal scene. Finally, he addresses the function of the ideal and the validity of narcissism in contemporary culture.

Sabin Aduriz is a Psychoanalyst. He is a training analyst of the Madrid Psychoanalytic Association (APM), taking charge of teaching and training at the institute of the APM. He graduated in Psychology and Pedagogy. At the outset of his career, he worked at the Mental Health Center in San Fernando de Henares (Madrid) and for 10 years in a high school environment, working especially with adolescents within the FUHEM Schools network, a independent, non-profit association dedicated to promoting social justice, environmental sustainability and social action through education.

He has served as Director of the APM Institute and, therefore, of its Teaching Committee.

He has given lectures and courses on "Narcissism today" and on “Clinical treatment of narcissism in adolescence." He also has published several articles in the APM journal, including one titled Repetition and Creation: Narcissism and Drive Life.

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"Julie Le Brun (1780–1819) Looking in a Mirror", by Elisabeth Louise Vigée Le Brun. Courtesy Met Museum, New York.

April 20, 2021  

Inter-regional encyclopaedic dictionary of psychoanalysis: Migration and mutation of concepts.

Speculum Romanae Magnificentiae: Portraits of the Wives of Emperors. Courtesy Met Museum, New York

Focusing on the concepts of “SELF” and ‘INTERSUBJECTIVTY”, the panelists Stefano Bolognini (Chair of IRED), Arne Jemstedt (Co-Chair for Europe), Ines Bayona (Co-Chair for Latin America) and Eva Papiasvili (Co-Chair for North America) will elucidate how the concepts change (mutate) as they cross (migrate) among different psychoanalytic and socio-cultural geographies.

Stefano Bolognini, Italy

Eva Papiasvili, United States

Ines Bayona Villegas, Colombia
Arne Jemstedt, Sweden

Please visit to explore the extensive program and to register. The 52nd IPA Congress will be held online from July 21st to August 1st, and by visiting our program you can set your schedule to suit your personal time zone.

April 14, 2021  

Timothy Keogh - A commentary on “The Response Aroused by the Psychopath”, Commemorating its author, Neville Symington.

In today’s episode Maria Teresa Hooke (Past President of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society and past Chair of the IPA Committee on New Groups) welcomes Timothy Keogh (Current President of the Australian Psychoanalytical Society), who presents a modified version of a commentary (published in the inaugural issue of the International Journal of Forensic Psychotherapy [2019]) on Neville Symington’s classic paper, The Response Aroused by the Psychopath (1980), to highlight Neville’s lesser known contribution to forensic psychoanalysis and to present a view on this concept from the perspective of a contemporary psychoanalyst.

Dr Timothy Keogh is a psychoanalyst, forensic psychologist and couple and family psychotherapist.  He has had thirty years’ experience working with offenders in a variety of clinical and executive roles in both Juvenile Justice and Corrective Services in Australia, including State-Wide Director of Inmate Services and Programs. A member of the Mental Health Tribunal (Civil and Forensic), he also recently led the establishment of the Australian Forensic Psychotherapy Association, of which he is the inaugural President.  

Dr Keogh also has a strong interest and commitment to indigenous issues and is on the Scientific Advisory Board of CASSE, a psychoanalytically-oriented charity that provides an Aboriginal program in Central Australia.  He also had a key role in establishing and is current President of a Psychoanalytic Charity Penthos, immediate past vice president (English) of the International Association of Couple and Family Psychoanalysis (IACFP), a member of the IPA Committee on Couple and Family Psychoanalysis and Vice President of the Australasian Confederation of Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies.  He is also a Senior Lecturer at the Sydney Medical School (University of Sydney) and a visiting Professor to the Tonji Medical School (University of Wuhan) in China.  He authored Through a Glass Darkly (2012) and is senior editor of Psychoanalytic Approaches to Loss (2018) and Interpretation in Couple and Family Psychoanalysis (2019).

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April 7, 2021  

Dominique Scarfone - The Time Before Us.


Freud and Winnicott have expressed the opinion that if their psychoanalytic ideas are correct, then poets and writers will have thought of them first. Dominique Scarfone, who has developed the concept of “actual time” on metapsychological grounds, concurs with their opinion by showing that variants of “actual time” can be found in the works of the American poet W. S. Merwin, the British writer Virginia Woolf, and the German philosopher Walter Benjamin. Their poetry, literary prose, and philosophy, respectively, are shown to resonate with the time dimension of the psychoanalytic process.

Dominique Scarfone, M.D., is a training and supervising analyst in the Canadian Psychoanalytic Society & Institute (Montreal French Branches) in the process of retiring from his practice of more than 40 years. A former full professor at the Université de Montréal, he was for many years an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Psychoanalysis. He is presently chairing the Executive committee of the International Journal’s College. 

The author of  numerous journal articles and book chapters, he published  a number books, among which Laplanche: An introduction and The Unpast. The Actual Unconscious, both published in 2015 in New York by UIT-The Unconscious in Translation. He co-edited with Howard B. Levine and Gail Reed. Unrepresented States and the Construction of Meaning (Karnac, 2013). A new book is in preparation : The Reality of the Message. Seduction, trauma and transference. (provisional title) to be published by UIT.

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